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The Working Process

Web site development project begins by thoroughly researching

During the web site development process - its design, functionality and branding - starts by researching the client’s business concept and identity. Every brand’s touch point is a clear communication of who you are. The web site development  process has commonly five phases including a pre phase. Your company get of course close involved in every steps.

Our working process

1Phase I – Estimate, purchase and advance

After an initial meeting with you and your ideas in brief, we give you an exact time and financial estimate of the work. Once the estimate is approved by you, we ask for an advance amount and a purchase order. When this is negotiated and done, we get into action and discuss and plan the project, the web structure including the menu structure, the functionality, design and other specific solutions.

2Phase II – Development of design

There may be suggestions and changes from the client side, and all the changes should be finalized before moving into the next phase. This phase comprises of a conceptual web site model, and for the graphic design; copywriting, photography, drum scanning of high resolution images and illustrations.

3Phase III – Revisions – final stages of design

The objective of this phase is to finalize the selected web design with he final layout, high resolution images and illustrations, fonts, colors, etc. We finalize all design web pages and elements and show you the dummy to let you know how it looks on the screen, and how the functionality is presented from you as the swebite owner and for you customes.

4Phase IV – Final website, files and artwork

Based on your suggestions and liking, we create the final site incorporating all final changes. We tranfere the website to you prefered hosting company, or to our own hosting facilities. fir grapic design files are delivered on a CD to you. As per client’s requirement, we also upload the high resolution final art work files into the server using FTP. You just need to download the images on your hard disk and give it to the printer.

We offer prompt assistance and constantly stay in touch with your company so that there is no communication gap. The whole process takes between one to four weeks till completion. The time for final delivery depends on the complexity of you websites.

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