About us

Services, business process and philosophy

naTournor is a small Norwegian consulting company that provides solutions and services for website development, web design, e-commerce, and specific industrial web development. Our business are based on Open Source models. Our strengths are a wide range of services, ability for creative problem solving and extensive experience. naTournor was established in 2007, and have its main office in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

naTournor creates opportunities and streamline business processes in close cooperation with our customers through new ideas and new web technology.

Our philosophy is that close cooperation with our customers is essential for good solutions. Modern communication technology create tight local and even global connections to our customers. This gives our customers experience of local account and project management.

Our ambition and goals

naTournor ambition is to be a trusted consulting firm with the most satisfied customers and employees within our business field
naTournor is the leading consultancy within their service areas
naTournor focuses on long-term trusted relationships with customers
naTournor offers a range of Open Source services where demand is increasing
naTournorto combine organic growth with strategic acquisitions
naTournorto strengthen its position by attracting the right employees

The service

  • naTournor offers a broad range of Open source services. This includes:
  • consulting, project management and collaboration
  • web strategy, rich web solutions, graphic design, content development, content management, architecture, mobile solutions and digital public services
  • advertising, integration, search, databases and testing
  • system administration and operations
  • business intelligence, information management, information architecture, security, digital communications
  • web hosting and infrastructure
  • training and certifications

Our customers

naTournor are a small company yet with a solid customer base. We seek long term relationships with our customers. A majority of our customers have been with us for over three years.

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